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Imagine building up our environment

AFL commits to preserving our environment through various conservation efforts. Our newest program, Thrive, launched in late 2016. This program includes efforts such as planting trees, recycling materials and reducing waste. As a strategic community partner, we are focused on helping communities thrive today and into the future. 


Several associates from AFL's Australia division partnered with Croydon Conservation Society to plant 100 trees in Ringwood East next to the train line. 

Duncan, SC

Two schools in the upstate of South Carolina received small pine trees in celebration of Arbor Day 2017. All students, teachers and staff at Beech Springs Intermediate and Berry Shoals Intermediate schools in Duncan received one tree for a total of 1,400 trees to take home and plant or share with a friend or family member. 

Berry Shoals Intermediate

Beech Springs Intermediate


TreesGreenville (SC)

AFL partnered with TreesGreenville to plant 21 trees at Hughes Academy of Science and Technology in 2016. Part of AFL's conservation program, the project was supplemented with a $2,000 grant to TreesGreenville. Over the past 10 years AFL associates have donated and/or planted more than 20,000 trees around the world. 

Swindon, United Kingdom

AFL associates in Swindon partnered with the Wilts and Berks Canal Trust, planting more than 150 native British trees and hedgerow stock and contributing 26 hours of time to enhance the area alongside the canal in Mouldon Hill, Swindon. 

Milton-Keynes, United Kingdom

AFL volunteers spent time in the Wolverton Secret Garden preparing it for a week-long event in which the garden is illuminated by an internationally renowned light artist. Associates weeded, raked and piled debris to tidy up the garden. 

Monterrey, Mexico

AFL donated 70 native trees at the Junior High School Jorge Carpozo McGregor located near the facility. Both AFL volunteers and students from the school volunteered time to plant the trees and the students also committed to caring for them throughout the year. 

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