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AFL Introduces New Family of NYFORS™ Recoating Products


NYFORS™ MiniCoater 2Spartanburg, SC – AFL now offers Nyfors Teknologi AB’s new family of recoating products including the ReCoater 2™, AutoCoater 2™MiniCoater 2™ and ReCoater 2 XL™. Ideal for restoring the protective coating on optical fibers, NYFORS’ new recoaters are sold exclusively by AFL in the North American market. 

Perfect for high strength applications, the ReCoater 2 allows the operator to choose different fiber and fiber coating diameters. Fibers can be recoated at exactly the same diameter as well as smaller or larger diameters than the original fiber. This product can also be upgraded to the AutoCoater 2 by adding the AutoCoater 2 Dispensing Robot.

With the addition of the Dispensing Robot, which contains a remote reservoir tank, injection pump, supply lines and injection needle, the AutoCoater 2 performs fully automatic skill-independent recoating operations. The remote reservoir allows users to quickly change recoating compounds without the need to purge and clean the tank.

The MiniCoater 2 is best suited for small scale productions where fiber types and dimensions need to be changed frequently. The product encompasses a cordless battery operation that allows for easy transportation, and similar to the ReCoater 2 and AutoCoater 2, the MiniCoater 2 can recoat fibers to a uniform, undersized or oversized diameter.

Lastly, the ReCoater 2 XL is designed to process long sections of stripped fiber, accepting molds of up to 110 mm length. In addition, the ReCoater 2 XL, AutoCoater 2, ReCoater 2 and MiniCoater 2 enable shorter curing times by using an UV LED array positioned along the length of the mold. All NYFORS recoaters, except the MiniCoater 2, come with an ergonomic, bench-top design for comfortable operation.

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Nyfors Teknologi AB develops fiber preparation equipment for high strength and specialty fusion splicing applications. Specializing in advanced solutions for fiber pre- and post-processing, the product range includes: precision fiber cleavers and cleave check interferometers, fiber optical recoaters and tensile testers, and custom manufacturing solutions for e.g., fiber optic gyroscope production.

Behind our products you find unique and original expertise accumulated during more than 20 years of research and development for the fusion splicing industry. For more information about NYFORS, visit
Greg Pickeral
Product Line Manager
Corie Culp
PR Manager