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Splicer Support Team Bios

Greg Pickeral
Splicer Product and Operations Manager
32 Years with AFL
As the splicer product and operations manager, I notice the differing personalities in our associates here at AFL and our customers. This difference in personalities has worked in our favor and most importantly to the benefit of our customers. Our associates make sure the customer leaves the conversation satisfied and completely taken care of. We encourage customers to use our free phone support service so that we can help you whenever you need it.
I started my work here at AFL in 1985, when it was founded. I’ve now been here for 32 years. I joined the splicer group about 29 years ago when it only consisted of three people. Today, we have 28 associates on our team. I fell in love with the products and technology in the splicer group and decided it was where I wanted to spend the rest of my career. I have been committed to this company for a long time, and I’ve had a lot of experience with our products, specifically the splicers. I am passionately devoted to our customers’ satisfaction when it comes to our Fujikura fusion splicers.
Outside of my time at AFL, I enjoy being outdoors and participating in various forms of motor sports, specifically sports car racing. My best year was a 2nd place finish in the Porsche Club Racing program’s national championship.

David Mansperger
Technical Representative
20 Years with AFL

I originally joined AFL for the company’s location. However, I really enjoy working in the splicer group because it is technically challenging. Every day there is a new problem to be solved and a new skillset to be obtained. I started working with AFL 20 years ago. Within the splicer group I hold the position of technical representative. When I started at AFL I was a repair technician, which eventually led me to my technical representative position.

We have experienced just about every type of repair here in the splicer group, and yet, almost every repair teaches us something new. Each person on this team is continuously growing their skillset to better prepare themselves for whatever our customers may send us. All of us want to learn as much as we can so that we can always help our customers when they need us. 

One of my biggest hobbies is pistol target shooting, and I've been doing it for quite a while. I like to target shoot competitively with IDEA. In these competitions we have defensive, real-life scenarios in which we have to shoot targets based on the situation. These scenarios teach you a lot about self-defense, if it were needed in real life.

Jonathon Andrus
Fusion Splicer Service/Support Manager
4 Years with AFL

Within the splicer group, I hold the position of fusion splicer service/support manager. My favorite thing about working in the splicer group is the new experiences. I am always learning something, whether it be a new problem or solution or just getting to interact with a new customer. I especially enjoy meeting our customers during company tours. I joined AFL because of its location and, due to my existing fiber optic background, I wanted to work for a growing company. AFL is one of the industry leaders in fiber optic technology, which was extremely appealing to me.

One of the craziest repairs I can remember is a splicer that was dropped off a truck, ran over by the same truck, and then water-logged. An explanation wasn’t given as to how this happened, but the whole repair was quite interesting. Unfortunately, the damage to the machine was too extensive to be fixed, but our team did everything we could to help the customer figure out an alternative solution.

Outside of my time at work, I really enjoy golfing. I have been golfing for a while, so whenever I get the chance to play a game or two, I take it.

Rameriz Smith
Customer Service Representative
13 Years with AFL

I work with a great team and an outstanding product line. I constantly hear compliments about the durability and quality of our products. We at AFL always try our best with each and every repair process to make sure the customer is happy. One of the craziest repairs I’ve heard of involved a machine rolling down a hill and into a stream. This machine was full of water and grime, but we got it cleaned and repaired in no time to make for a satisfied customer.

I have been with AFL for more than 12 years. I started as a machine operator and later moved to the fiber plant. After working in the plant for a short time, I became an engineer technician. During this time, I learned a lot about our fiber optic products as well as our fusion splicers and decided I wanted to learn another aspect of the company. To gain this new experience, I moved to the splicer group and began working as a customer service representative. One of the things I love about AFL are the many advancement opportunities provided to associates.

In my free time, I enjoy volunteering. I’ve been working with the District 5 Mentoring Group at DR Hill Middle School as well as with the youth group at my church. It feels good to give back to the community you live in.

Dena Waldrop
Customer Service Coordinator
31 Years with AFL

I’ve been working with AFL for 31 years. Over that span of time, I’ve become committed to the success of this company and the success of our customers. I started with AFL in the fiber manufacturing plant. While there, I switched between a few positions until I finally landed in the position I have now and enjoy the most. I’m the customer service coordinator here in the splicer group. I’ve always been a talkative, engaging person, so customer service made sense for me.

The atmosphere in the splicer group is what really drew me to this department. We’re a smaller, more intimate group, and we have a strong sense of teamwork. We’ve genuinely become a family, and we care about our workmanship because that is a reflection of our teamwork. All of us work together to solve problems and achieve success.

When I’m not spending time with my work family, I’m spending it with my actual family. I have a lot of grandchildren that I love spending time with. Many of them participate in sports, so I am almost always at a game. If not, then I’m usually going on family trips to Charleston or Hilton Head.

Frank Muller
Shipping/Receiving and Scheduling Associate
22 Years with AFL
When I started at AFL over 22 years ago, I was actually an associate in the cable plant. This position was short-lived as my supervisor then transferred me into shipping and receiving. After realizing how much more I enjoyed my new role, I decided to stick with it. I now work in the splicer group as the shipping, receiving and scheduling associate. I also handle several responsibilities beyond my job description. Along with handling and scheduling orders, I keep a running check of our inventory. To assist the team and customer, I check orders as they go out. If something doesn’t look right, for example, if the customer orders parts that don’t fit together, then I’ll call the customer and ask if this was intentional. This saves ourselves and the customer any hassles. 
We’re a pretty close-knit group in the splicer department. I’ve known some of my associates for years and others live in the same neighborhood as I do. We all get along really well and try to help each other where we can. Everyone on this team has the same personality trait of being self-motivated. We know what needs to be done and we work together to get it done.  
I try to make everyday a good day for myself and others. One hobby I enjoy outside of work that makes my day better is gardening. I grow my own vegetable and fruit at home. Fresh produce tastes better than store-bought produce any day.

Marty Campbell
Shipping/Receiving Associate
2 Years with AFL

My job here at AFL is to assist with the shipping and receiving of the splicer group. I have been with AFL for going on 2 years now. A big reason I joined the splicer group is because of the people who work here. Everyone is very easy to get along with and every worker is here for the same reason, to do their best work. This makes getting everything done on time a pretty easy task.

As most people with kids know, most of my free time outside of work is spent with my children. I have 3 boys who all love playing sports, so a majority of my free time is spent either at a baseball or a lacrosse team. When I get a break from the copious amount of sports games, I also love to go out for a relaxing fishing trip.

One of the strangest repairs I’ve seen come in during my time here involved a splicer with the outside casing burned. There was no real explanation as to what happened to this case but, I’m sure the story on it would have been very entertaining. As soon as this case came in, a technician took it and began to work on it. Here in the splicer group we are completely focused on what we need to get done and making sure it is done correctly.

Tabatha Gray
Material Buyer/Planner/Scheduler
5 Years with AFL

This job is one of those where you never have time to get bored. Within my position I am always having to learn new skills and the work is always interesting. I’m the material buyer/planner/scheduler for the splicer group here at AFL. Before taking on this position I had worked in customer service positions. I really feel like these positions help me every day with my current job because I know what it’s like to speak to frustrated customers and now I am the customer on the other end of that line. Having that background has taught me to keep calm and to work with whoever I’m speaking to.

I have been with AFL now for a little over 5 years. I love the organization and attitude of this company and that’s what really drew me to start working here. The team I work with is another reason I wanted to take on my position. I work with a great group of guys who really know what they are doing. They always work hard when dealing with a project and they do their best on it.

Outside of work, my husband and I enjoy making our own beer and wine. It’s been a hobby of ours for about 4 years now. To us, it tastes better when you put the work into it yourself and you’re able to get the exact flavors you want in you beverage.

Eric Steadman
Splicer Repair Technician
23 Years with AFL

In my free time outside of AFL, I enjoy participating in many types of sports. I enjoy golfing and playing soccer when I can. I also am the coach of the youth track and field team. When I’m not out being active, I like to help out at my church by teaching the 3rd grade Sunday school class.

I am one of the splicer repair technicians here at AFL. I have been with this company for 23 years so far. I started out in the cable plant here at AFL before switching to the splicer group. I switched to the splicer group for two reasons: to get off of swing shift and because of the team that they have. We all are very close and some of us have known each other for forever which makes for a very comfortable work environment. 

During my time in the splicer group I have seen almost every type of repair out there. One that comes to mind when I think of crazy repairs is from about 2 years ago. This was a factory machine that had been disassembled by the customer attempting to fix it. The machine showed up in bags of pieces. It took longer to repair than a routine repair but our team of hard-working guys got it done and returned it to the customer as good as new.

Scott Wilburn
Splicer Technician
3 Years with AFL

AFL is an overall great place to work for. The company offers so much opportunity for growth to its employees. AFL creates so much innovative technology that I wanted to experience which is why I joined the splicer group. I always get a chance to work with a range of products from older to newer models as a splicer technician. I’ve been working with this innovative technology for 2⅟₂ years now. 

During those 2 years I’ve had the chance to work with a great, efficient team. The splicer team is full of self-motivated and hard-working people who look out for each other. We all share the same passion for learning new skills that can better our abilities. In the time I’ve been here, the craziest repair I’ve seen involved a splicer case completely full of water. Unfortunately, this splicer was unrepairable due to the nature of the damage but, the whole team tried our best to assist the customer the best we could.

My biggest hobby is honestly spending time with my family. I spend as much time as I can with them. I am also a huge football enthusiast so sometimes family time involves watching a game.

Brent Manley
Splicer Technician
7 Years with AFL

I’ve always loved how much and how quickly technology can change which is one of the biggest reasons I wanted to work for AFL. They are an innovative technology company and getting to be involved in that innovation is great. I started my journey here with AFL over 6 years ago. When I started in the splicer group as a splicer technician I actually didn’t have much prior knowledge of splicers but, over time I learned more and more. That’s what I like about working in this group. You always get to learn and each experience you have helps you with future repairs.

When I’m not here continuously learning about splicers, I’m out teaching other people about endurance training. I am a triathlon coach in my free time. I help anyone who wants the help whether they are beginners or they’ve already done a few triathlons. Along with coaching for them, I too like to participate in these ultra-distance endurance sports.

I get so many chances to work first hand with the innovation available at AFL. The splicer repair group is the frontline that catches all of the oddities of any new splicer series. By catching these oddities quickly, our team is able to help AFL make the best machines possible.

Joseph Kennedy
Test Branch Repair Technician
4 Years with AFL

One of my biggest responsibilities in the splicer group is to handle the bilingual technical support section. There are quite a few Spanish customers since AFL is very engaged with the international market. This international presence allows for many opportunities to travel. The potential for new opportunities and growth is what drew me to start working for AFL originally.

While getting to travel is a nice opportunity, I would much rather be spending time with my family. Most of my free time is spent with my children. I also enjoy going hiking and we are even able to take the kids with us on hikes now.

Within the splicer group, about 90% of our repairs are basic repairs, however, there are some crazier ones. I have seen a machine come in that was crushed and was is in multiple pieces. We see repairs like this pretty often, however, our team always takes care of it. We talk everything through with the customer and make sure that they know what can be done or what needs to be done for the machine.

Corey Collins
Manufacturing Technician
2 Years with AFL

One thing I’ve learned in my time working on splicer repairs is that sometimes the best thing you can do is walk away from the repair you’re working on for a few minutes. This break allows you to recollect your thoughts and this will usually make finding the solution much easier. Another thing that helps make repairs go more smoothly in the splicer group is how committed to teamwork everyone is. All of us splicer technicians try to work together to find the solution instead of competing with each other.

This is one of the reasons I wanted to take on this position. The other reason is because AFL is one of the top technology companies around. I have always been interested in technology so, naturally, working for one of the best is a great opportunity. Basketball is another thing I’m really interested in. I love to play with my kids. As any parent knows, once you have kids they become a big hobby of yours.

Since starting here in 2015, one of the craziest repairs I have witnessed was a repair on a 60R. The fiber in this machine wasn’t lining up properly. I had taken this machine apart at least 5 times and I couldn’t find anything wrong. It turns out that the problem was that the screws hadn’t been tightened with a torque wrench. This taught me just how important the simplest things are to look for within a repair.

William Banta
Splicer Technician
1 Year with AFL

Being the newest member of the splicer team, I haven’t experienced as much as the other technicians. However, every day of the two months I’ve been here I have tried and continue to try to learn as much as I can. Learning new skills is easy to do with this position because of the variety of repairs we get to work on. Something that I have learned, is that to do these repairs properly we have to get into a very detail-oriented mindset. You have to train yourself to think about every aspect of the process. This could be frustrating for some but, I somewhat enjoy it. 

I have recently gotten really into exercising so that has become another learning process for me. I have lately really enjoyed going hiking when I get the chance to. Being outdoors is healthy for both your body and mind. I continue to try to better myself every day with both my fitness and my skillset at work.

I wanted to join AFL because I had worked with fiber briefly in a previous job and wanted to learn more about it and the products that are used in coordination with fiber optics. In the short time that I have been with the splicer group, I have noticed how close knit the team is. There is a real sense of comradery among each worker here and that helps us be able to better solve the repairs that come in.

Clint Welsh
Splicer Technician
2 Years with AFL

Something I like about the splicer group is how personal it is compared to other places I’ve worked. We’re a smaller group so we know each other pretty well. We’ve become like a family in our department and we are always there to help when one of our teammates needs it. This attitude is what drew me towards working in the splicer group and is what eventually got me to take on my position as a splicer technician.

For the past two years, I have been working on these splicer repairs. Some of these repairs require very honed in skills. A lot of the time you have to work with small pieces but, unlike some, I enjoy this aspect of working on repairs. I like to think of the work as a quest and so completing the repair means accomplishing my quest. 

Besides the quests at work, I used to also have cycling quests in my free time. I used to be an avid cyclist when I had the time to be. I competed in a few races as well as just leisurely cycling. I would sometimes be out for 6 or 7 hours a day cycling which is such a relaxing pastime.