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Underwater and Subsea

AFL supplies flexible designs to withstand extreme subsea conditions

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Customer-specific fiber optic cabling solutions for underwater and subsea applications

Customers around the world benefit from using AFL fiber optic cable and components in subsea umbilicals and towed arrays. With its patented stainless steel tube technology, AFL delivers robust and flexible designs to withstand the most extreme subsea pressures and temperatures.

AFL understands the intricacies of the highly demanding oil and gas industry and works closely with customers to determine temperature, pressure, chemical environment, depth and other criteria necessary to develop cable constructions that deliver results for upstream, midstream and downstream processes.
The AFL solution includes:
 AFL also specializes in downhole fiber optic cabling structures and components that include:
  • Traditional design for <150°C
  • High temperature design for 300°C and above
  • Low profile designs where space is a premium such as coiled tubing
  • MiniBend™ component for downhole double-ended systems for improved sensing performance
As drilling moves further offshore, traditional copper wire will not handle the greater distances with enough bandwidth. It is imperative to employ fiber optic products to allow the use of the newest technologies that generate considerable data. AFL is already assisting customers as they deploy distributed acoustic and distributed temperature monitoring.
Relationships with sensing equipment manufacturers enable AFL to participate in the development of the newest technologies. As the need for more sophisticated fiber optic applications develops, AFL remains on the leading edge in the customization of cables using different optical fibers, alloys and outer encapsulations.
As a wholly-owned subsidiary of Fujikura, the global fiber optic manufacturer, AFL's vertical integration provides supply chain security. By producing the optical fiber, wire, steel tubing and other key components in house, AFL can serve customers from any location worldwide.



Case Study

AFL’s Optical Sensing Cables Measure Effects of Climate Change in the Antarctic

AFL’s optical sensing cables were recently deployed through the McMurdo Ice Shelf and into the Ross Sea in Antarctica as part of a study to measure the effects of warming ocean water on glacial ice. The study by Dr. Scott Tyler at the University of Nevada, Reno, uses the latest in fiber optic sensing technology to acquire temperature profiles with 0.033°C accuracy through the ice shelf all the way to the bottom of the sea...

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