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ADSS Hardware


Formed wire dead end for ADSS cable.
AFL offers wedge dead ends that ease and speed ADSS cable installation. The ADSS Wedge Dead End is ideal in crowded distribution environments because its shorter length allows for safer and efficient installation.
The mini-dead ends are designed for fast and easy installation of your ADSS Mini-Span® cable. The mini-dead end is ideal in crowded distribution environments where its shorter length allows for efficient installation. This unique low-cost product is used in typical spans with 1-2% installation sag.
AFL offers trunnions (single and double cable options) with various mounting capabilities: bolted, banded or standoff. Trunnions reduce installation costs by functioning as a pull-through during installation (maximum line angle for stringing is 15° total, 7.5° per side, number of structures not to exceed 30). Block or pulley is not needed, provided these conditions are met.
AFL’s ADSS suspension unit is used to provide long term performance for spans up to 1200 feet.
Temporary grips are used in stringing the ADSS during sagging and where it is necessary to make short-term catch on the ADSS.
The nonmetallic AFL FIT Tool is used to install formed wire components without damaging the cable.
AFL downlead clamps are used to guide ADSS wire from the top of the structure to the splice box.
The Flat Drop Cable Tangent accessory provides a means of suspending the flat drop cable to structures where termination is undesirable.
Mini Brackets are used for short and medium spans of ADSS fiber optic cable as well as Aerial Drop cables. Formed Wire Tangent Supports (FTS) are used with ADSS Mini-Span® 323 and Mini-Span® 383 for short span applications.
AFL's AGC Series Downlead Clamps are used to guide ADSS Fiber Optic Cables from the top of the structure to the splice location.
AFL's AVD Series Spiral Vibration Dampers are designed to eliminate the damage caused by Aeolian vibration and reduce overall vibration on bare All-Dielectric Self-Supporting (ADSS) cables.
AFL’s SB01 splice enclosure box provides protection from all types of elements. From weather to bullets, the iron and steel construction requires no additional protective covering. Furnished with four plugged cable ports (2 aluminum and 2 plastic) for either All-Dielectric Self-Supporting (ADSS) or Optical Ground Wire (OPGW) cables, the splice enclosure can be pre-mounted to a structure before completion of the splicing phase.
AFL offers the CB-30-3AL and the CB-44-3AL coil brackets for slack storage of ADSS and OPGW fiber optic cable.
Coil for prevention corona at ADSS dead end or suspension accessories.
AFL downlead clamps are used to guide optical ground wire (OPGW) from the top of the structure to the splice box. AFL’s downlead clamps install easily, provide proper spacing and hold strength without damage to the cable. From poles to towers, AFL offers a full line of OPGW downlead clamps to meet the needs of any application.
Fiber Storage Units (FSU) are used to conveniently store an extra length of cable along the ADSS cable run for later use.
This is a formed wire suspension for ADSS cables.
The Mini-Stringing Bracket, or AMSB, is used for short and medium spans of ADSS fiber optic cable as well as Aerial Drop cables.
The AFL Multi-Drop Thimble Eye is used to anchor aerial round drop cables to the distribution structure.
Spiral vibration dampers have a helically-formed damping section sized for interplay of damper and cable to provide the action/reaction motion that opposed the natural vibration wave.
The Opti-Guard Splice Enclosure from AFL offers an impressive spectrum of features which makes it the best selection for your splice protection needs.
The Standoff Bracket for ADSS hardware clamps positions the AFL ADSS trunnion or AFL ADSS suspension 14” off of structure.