Connectivity Accessories

Buildout attenuators provide superior performance for all single-mode in-line attenuation requirements. Standard attenuation values are 5, 10, 15 and 20 dB, available in SC, FC, ST and LC connector styles.
Fanout kits route 250 µm fiber into color-coded 900 µm tubes ready for connectorization. Easily installed in minutes, these kits require no special tools. The furcation unit snaps together, eliminating epoxy.
Adapters are used to mate two fiber optic connectors. They are offered in all major connector interfaces, including SC, FC, ST, LC, MTP and others. Hybrid adapters are also available for certain connector styles.
Optical terminators are used to terminate unused connector ports in fiber optic systems to eliminate unwanted reflections. Available in SC, FC, ST, and LC.
AFL’s SpliceConnect™ is a mechanical splice that provides an inexpensive, quick alternative to mating fibers. Using V-groove technology, this splice maintains physical contact between the fibers.


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