Couplers / Splitters and Multiplexers

From utility to enterprise, AFL’s Wavelength Division Multiplexers and Couplers/Splitters provide an efficient and cost effective solution for superior optical power management and increased network data capacity.

Optical couplers/splitters are passive devices that combine or split optical power. They provide a simple, cost-effective solution to optical power management. Splitters are available in LGX-compatible modules, a 1RU shelf, or in compact ruggedized housings. Coupling ratios are available from 5% to 50%.
Wavelength Division Multiplexers combine or separate light at different wavelengths. Used to expand network capacity, WDMs significantly increase the amount of data-carrying capacity of a single strand of optical fiber. WDM products are available in LGX-compatible mounting footprints and rack mount panels, or cassettes and single-channel filters which can be easily installed in splice trays.