Variations and Design Considerations of Traditional Downhole Fiber Optic Cable for Oil and Gas Applications


Downhole Fiber Optic Cable

AFL is a leading supplier of downhole fiber optic cables used in the oil and gas industry. AFL provides the broadest portfolio of downhole products to ensure the optimal solution for each customer’s specific sensing applications. With expertise in metallurgy and optical fiber, AFL provides the right fibers and associated materials to ensure success of the fiber optic cable.

AFL’s downhole fiber optic cables have been used in a wide variety of downhole applications ranging from steam assisted gravity drain (SAGD), where temperatures can reach 300°C, to coiled tubing (CT), to some of the deepest offshore wells to shale gas. Along with our published offering of downhole cables, AFL has provided a variety of unique cables to our customers to allow them to differentiate themselves in the marketplace. Our goal is to help our customers be successful. Let us help you!

AFL's Traditional Downhole Cable is designed to perform in the well and withstand elevated temperatures, high pressure and corrosive environments.
AFL's High Strength Steel Wire (HSSW) Armored Fiber Optic cable provides the reliability needed for network backbones in harsh environment conditions.
AFL's Fiber Rod takes an optical fiber of the customer's choice and encases it in a glass re-enforced matrix.
The MiniBend® miniature fiber optic component employs a revolutionary technology that will change the way you plan and engineer the fiber management in your oil or gas well.
AFL's High Temperature Downhole cable was designed for oil & gas well applications greater than 150ºC.
AFL’s tactical copper/fiber composite cables are ruggedized and easy to use in rapid deployment networks and other applications requiring high mechanical performance standards, environmental exposure, or dynamic end use where low voltage power and high speed fiber optic communications are combined.
AFL’s new Tactical+ fiber optic cables with StrataJac® encapsulation set a new standard for extreme environments. The Tactical+ cable combines the performance of a rugged industrial jacket compound with the reliability of a military cable design.
AFL's Low Profile Downhole Cable was specifically designed for land-based wells where economics of sensing are challenging.