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Benefits of Stainless Steel Tubes in Subsea Optical Cables

Subsea / Submarine Fiber Optic Cable

AFL is a leading supplier of subsea fiber optic cable and components into the umbilical and towed array products for the oil & gas sector.   The key technology for these products is AFL’s patented stainless steel fiber optic tube technology which packages the optical fiber in the best possible way resulting in a robust, compact product that is suitable for the high pressure of the subsea environment. AFL will customize the design to meet your needs to include different fiber counts, fiber types, metal types, tube sizes, belting materials, armor type, armor size, armor count, encapsulation types, color, print, packaging and length. 

AFL’s subsea / submarine fiber optic cables are also used as a standalone communication and control cable for telecommunications and oil & gas applications. Whether the right of way is a river, lake, estuary, or sea, AFL can provide a suitable cable designed to meet the requirements of ruggedness, durability, and length.  


AFL's Fiber Optic Component for Umbilical Cables is designed for subsea umbilical applications.
As the inventor and owner of the technology for placing optical fibers into stainless steel tubes, AFL offers a range of tube sizes and fiber counts for a variety of applications.