Gel-free Fiber Optic Cable

Gel-free Loose Tube refers to a family of fiber optic cable products suitable for use in a wide array of outdoor and indoor/outdoor applications where the fibers are loosely bundled as opposed to tight buffered or ribbonized options. Design variations and applications include underground and overhead, direct buried and lashed, armored and non-armored, standard polyethylene and specialty outer jackets, among other options.

The LA-Series is specially designed for applications that demand reliable performance in harsh environment installations. The cable construction incorporates a variety of packaging technologies that allow the product to operate in extremely low temperatures, mechanically abusive installations and highly caustic and acidic environments. The key to the reliable, ultra-high performance is the specially designed cable core and the dual layer jacketing system.
AFL LV-Series Gel-Free Indoor/Outdoor Single-Jacket fiber optic cables are designed for enterprise networking applications.
AFL LE-Series Gel-Free Single Jacket Single Armor fiber optic cables are designed for direct bury, duct and aerial lashed installations outside plant communications infrastructure applications.
AFL’s Industrial Loose Tube Cables are designed for high reliability in heavy industrial and harsh environment applications. Featuring a formed metallic armor, the cable offers superior crush resistance and a high degree of flexibility. Flame retardant and wrapped in a UV stabilized LSZH jacket, this series is highly resistant to common industrial environment chemicals. With an OFCG-LS listing, the cable is suitable for both indoor and outdoor industrial installations.
AFL LL-Series Gel-Free fiber optic cables are optimized for use in traditional network communication infrastructure environments that require the performance of outside plant cabling and the safety of a low smoke zero halogen solutions. AFL's LL-series enhances life safety and minimizes damage to sensitive electronic equipment in the event of a fire. Additionally, this product incorporates dry water-absorption technology for user-friendly handling of fibers during routing and termination.
Consisting of thermoset (XLPO) jacket, AFL’s LX-series of low-smoke zero-halogen (LSZH) loose tube cables are specifically designed for harsh environments. Ideal for indoor and outdoor industrial applications, the design includes dry-core water blocking system, SZ-stranded core for easy mid-span access to fibers and a highly chemical resistant, cross-linked UV-resistant outer jacket. For even greater mechanical robustness, a corrugated steel armor version is available.