MicroCore® Fiber Optic Cable

AFL MicroCore® optical cables provide a unique blown solution to crowded underground ducts where traditional cable designs are not an option. MicroCore cables are smaller than traditional loose tube optical cables and can be blown into otherwise full ducts, expanding the capacity of existing infrastructure which translates into less expense and faster deployment.

The Microcore product line is a complete solution with a range of designs suitable for applications ranging from backbone networks to FTTx. Whether the need is for high fiber density or small cable diameters, AFL MicroCore® has the solution. Designs are always based on minimal cable and duct diameters to ensure a cost effective installation solution.

Microcore cables are jetted or blown through a network of microducts using compressed air. Conduit systems can be laid and microducts blown in as needed, giving installers the flexibility of deploying fiber only when needed, thereby reducing the initial investment costs. Microcore can also be used for “overriding” existing networks and conduits, which might otherwise be deemed as “at capacity”. The flexible, lightweight cable design which has a low friction jacket allows it to be blown over existing cables within a duct, thereby expanding the capacity of that duct which would have otherwise been deemed full.



AFL Air Jetted Fiber Optic Cables for Outside Plant micro-duct applications.
AFL MicroCore® is an advanced Blown Fiber Optic Cable system for underground ducts and sub-ducts.