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Next Generation of Fiber Optic Loose Tube Cable


AFL offers a broad selection of Simplex and Duplex cordage designed to seamlessly mate with industry standard connectivity solutions suitable for both field and factory termination. Performance is our hallmark as all cordage material is qualified to the highest North American and International standards.

Featuring easy-to-use 900um Tight Buffer, vivid colors for identification and standard diameters AFL Simplex and Duplex cables are an industry-leading solution for your passive connectivity needs. AFL Simplex and Duplex cables are available in NEC compliant Plenum, Riser and IEC Verified LSZH constructions.


AFL Furcation tubing for 250µm Optical Fiber applications.
AFL MDU Drop cables are light weight, robust products specifically designed for deployment in FTTx environments available in both Black and White outer jacket colors.
Simplex fiber optic cables provide the strength and flexibility required for today's fiber interconnect applications.
Zipcord, Dual-Link and Micro-Dual Cable for short distance optical interconnects.