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Next Generation of Fiber Optic Loose Tube Cable

Inside Plant

AFL’s Inside-Plant Fiber Optic cable offers one of the broadest product portfolios in the industry. Premise cabling forms the backbone of high-tech networks installed in applications ranging from the Local Area Network to the most complex DataCenter environments. Flexibility of design and Industry-leading performance are the hallmarks of AFL’s cable offering. Through partnerships with premier Optical Fiber manufacturing companies, AFL offers the highest performance Optical Fiber available to enable the most demanding applications.

From High-Density horizontal Trunking solutions to Light-Weight High-Performance vertical runs, AFL Inside-Plant cable provides alternatives to meet the challenge. Supportive of field installed connections or Pre-terminated solutions, AFL Inside-Plant Cable gets you connected.


AFL's "Fiber-in-a-Box" solution offers contractors lightweight, easy to use cable packaging with "out of the box" disbursement of fiber cable.
QUAD-Link and single unit Circular Premise Cable designs allow for excellent packaging density, flexibility, and ease of routing.
Multi-Unit Circular Premise Cables are for use in applications requiring fiber counts between 24 and 144 fibers.
Armored Tight Buffered CPC Cables incorporate 4 to 144 fiber count CPC cables in a UL listed, jacketed, aluminum interlocking armor.
Breakout cables combine multiple fiber flexibility with the strength of individually jacketed fibers.
The AFL eABF® SWR® (SpiderWeb Ribbon®) fiber optic cable combines the best of ribbon fiber mass-fusion functionality and single fiber-bundle packing density. Eliminating the need to sort and arrange individual fibers, SWR bundles allow for quick and efficient installation of round, high-fiber density geometry designs using MPO multi-fiber connectors or mass-fusion splicing.
AFL eABF Air-Blown Fiber Optic Cable with six up to 96 fibers in a custom cable package that allows long-distance jetting into micro-ducts with inside diameters as small as 6 mm.
Circular Premise cable based on 900um Tight Buffer constructions provide the performance and density demanded by today's Optical Network installation demands. These cable designs support either direct or indirect termination schemes whiile enabling efficient routing through industry-standard Fiber Management Systems.
AFL MDU Drop cables are light weight, robust products specifically designed for deployment in FTTx environments available in both Black and White outer jacket colors.