Couplers / Splitters


Planar Lightwave Circuits split optical power evenly over the entire single-mode operating window (1260-1650 nm).
AFL's Optical Coupler Modules are comprised of Telcordia-compliant PLC or concatenated fused biconic components. These modules are LGX-compliant and are fully tested for environmental, mechanical and optical integrity.
Wideband Optical Couplers split or couple optical power in two wavelength regions while maintaining a very broad operating bandwidth. Split and coupling ratios are available from 5% to 50%.
Ruggedized Wideband Couplers are available with 3 mm and 900 um furcated pigtail options and a variety of connector styles.
The LightLink LanSystem™ Optical Splitter Shelf provides a convenient in-rack solution to combine/split optical signals in a passive optical network.
AFL's Optical FTTx Coupler Module is designed to satisfy requirements utilizing 1550nm bandwidths in FTTx applications and is specified for FTTx video installations.