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Field Installable Connectors


FUSEConnect fusion-spliced, field-installable connectors utilize a factory pre-polished ferrule which eliminates the need for polishing, adhesives, and crimping in the field.
A field installable factory pre-polished connector that utilizes the proven technology of mechanical splices to provide customizable connectivity solutions.
The FUSEConnect Tool Kit and Accessories include all the necessary tools to professionally install FUSEConnect single-fiber splice-on connectors aside from a fusion splicer and cleaver.
The FASTConnect® Tool Kit includes all tools necessary to professionally install FASTConnect mechanical connectors.
Anaerobic field installable connectors that extend the end user capability to insert fiber, epoxy, and polish connectors.
The Field Master® Tool Kit includes tools and consumables to professionally install Field Master connectors. Crimp Tool sold separately.
Crimp tool designed for use with Field Master® connectors. Sold separately from Field Master Tool Kit.
AFL’s FUSEConnect MPO splice-on, field-installable connectors are uniquely designed and feature ust six components. The innovative factory pre-polished ferrule allows for a field-termination process that eliminates the need for polishing, adhesives and crimping in the field and minimizes the potential for operator error and expensive connector scrap.
The Poli-MOD® is a unique Patch and Splice Module that can accommodate up to 24 fiber interconnections in an industry-standard LGX® 118 footprint.