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ASCEND High Density Platform

ASCEND® Modular Platform

Take Data Center Capabilities beyond Today’s Limits

With increasing bandwidth demands, you must rise above today’s standards. AFL’s new ASCEND® solutions are not built for what you need today, but what you will need tomorrow. The ASCEND platform is a modular, high-density rack-mount solution designed for data center applications. Whether supporting incremental growth or a full-scale deployment, our ASCEND solutions deliver optimal fiber management and ease-of-use.

The ASCEND platform is comprised of four main elements: high density fiber housings, optical cassettes, patch cord assemblies, and trunk cable assemblies.


ASCEND fiber housings are available in 1RU, 2RU and 4RU sizes with densities of up to 144, 288, and 576 fibers, respectively. Designed to support incremental growth or a full-scale deployment, ASCEND housings provide the ultimate in ease-of-use and fiber management features.
Fanout Cassettes are pre-terminated plug and play breakout modules designed to transition a trunk cable into individual connector ports.
Splice Cassettes include 250 micron preterminated single fiber pigtails (or one bare ribbon pigtail), that are loaded within the cassette and can be spliced directly to loose (or ribbon) fiber cable.
Patch Cassettes are pre-loaded with MPO adapters or VFL-compatible shuttered LC adapters.
AFL’s Conversion Cassettes provide an effective solution to transition from one BASE platform to another.
High demands placed on modern fiber optic networks requires effective monitoring to maintain optimal performance and troubleshoot system security or other signal issues.
ASCEND trunk cable assemblies provide a high performance plug-and-play solution for premise installations where space is a premium.
ASCEND patch cord assemblies are constructed with AFL’s DUAL-LINK cable and terminated with a field-reversible LC Uniboot connector.
For applications that require cable mounting on the rack itself, the ASCEND OCM Bracket is designed to efficiently accommodate up to 12 ASCEND trunk cable assemblies.
The unique MTP® PRO* design is focused on simplicity and reliability to ensure a quick and effective method for pin configuration without the need to remove the housing or handle loose pins.


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