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Fiber Outside Plant

Field-tested closures, enclosures, splice trays and fiber storage units

Fiber Outside Plant Featured Products

AFL delivers customized solutions for demanding customer applications
and environments

With decades of experience, AFL’s outside plant products are tried and tested like no others. AFL’s experience in the field is proven success that you can count on for products you deploy now and in the future.

Sealed Splice Closures

AFL’s sealed splice closures are craft-friendly and designed with the installer in mind—closures that are engineered to protect fiber optic splices in underground or aerial environments (butt, in-line, branch and drop applications). Customers can count on AFL’s closures to be fully sealed and to exceed their expectations. Installation is achieved using common-handle tools with no need for heat, gels or adhesives. Capacities up to 864 single-fused and 2592 mass-fused fibers are available.

Aerial Weathertight Splice Closures

Unmatched in ease of access, AFL aerial splice closures provide the fastest, most economical methods for splicing fibers in the field. Like AFL’s sealed splice closures, aerial closures are used in butt, in-line, branch and drop applications, and are engineered to reduce installation time and labor expense using common hand tools with no heat, gel, adhesives or power tools needed. Capacities up to 288 single-fused and 1152 mass-fused fibers are available.

Splicing and Distribution Enclosures

Splicing and distribution enclosures provide for an efficient method for organizing, splicing and interconnecting fibers, distribution and building entrance applications. Both indoor and outdoor designs are available, with wall-mount or pedestal-mount applications, including interconnect capacities of up to 48-fiber patching. Choose from capacities up to 240 single-fused and 432 mass-fused fiber configurations.

Fiber Demarcation

Used in FTTx applications, a fiber demarcation is the point at which the service provider network ends and is connected to the cabling at the customer location. AFL’s fiber demarcation products secure efficient termination of fibers in transitioning from OSP environments. Customers can choose various capacities which include splice trays and other hardware for complete installation.

Fiber Optic Splice Trays

Fiber optic splice trays are used to hold and protect individual fusion and mechanical fiber optic splices in closures. Trays are designed to safely and securely store extra fiber along with the splice sleeve while maintaining minimum bend radius requirements. Additional features include:
  • Capacities up to 60 single-fused and 2880 mass-fused fibers
  • Pre-formed bend radiuses
  • In-line or butt splice capability
  • Extended finger routing guides

Fiber Storage Units

Fiber storage units (FSU) are used to store extra cable length along a cable run or distribution terminal. This method of slack storage provides an orderly and secure method to avoid cable from being damaged. AFL’s FSUs are available in traditional powder-coated aluminum or UV-stabilized thermoplastic construction, maintain minimum bend radius requirements, and units can be strand mounted to messenger wire, mounted to ADSS cable or pole-mounted.