Taking PON Architecture Beyond the Cabinet

LightGuard® Aerial Weathertight Fiber Optic Splice Accessories

For use with the LG-600 Aerial Weathertight Closure. Remove the single-port grommet set from the closure and replace with the multi-port grommet set when drops are required.
Grommet for use with the LG-600 Aerial Weathertight closure. Replaces the multi-port grommet set from the closure. Hardware included.
For use with all Aerial Weathertight Closures (LG-410, LG-420, LG-420 FTTx, LG-500, LG-600, and LG-600 FTTx). This pair of hanger brackets is shipped from the factory with all weathertight closures. Purchase separately for closures installed over existing utilities.
The LG-600 allows up to (12) SC connectors or (24) LC connectors (using duplex connectors) to be installed in the closure.
The expansion kit for LG-600 FTTx includes a stacker tray module and one LG-600 SC-6-pack bracket to allow for up to six SC connections or 12 LC duplex connections.
This grounding harness is suitable for use with all aerial weathertight closures.
Aerial hanger kits are suitable for use with all Aerial weathertight closures (LG-410, LG-420, LG-420-FTTx, LG-500, LG-600, LG-600-FTTx.)