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Specialty Fiber Optic Components and Services

As optical fiber processing technologies and specialty fiber research advances, an entirely new generation of fiber optic components has developed. With technologically-advanced high precision glass processing platforms, components such as ball lenses, tapers, combiners and more can be produced at mass production quantities.

AFL is at the forefront of innovation with fiber optic component and specialty splicing services offering:


To ensure light remains confined within the core/cladding or cladding, adiabatic tapers are produced.
As high-powered fiber lasers have emerged, endcap technology has advanced.
Used in the fiber laser industry, fiber combiners provide pumping energy for active fiber lasers which allows the largest amount of light into the lasing cavity with the least amount of loss.
Optical fiber can be transformed to various lens shapes through today’s advanced technologies.
Mode field adapters (MFA) modify a fiber’s optical properties to match the fiber that it is being spliced to which allows a lower loss at the splice point.
Multicore Fiber (MCF) fan-outs provide the ability to launch and retrieve signals to and from individual fiber cores
Over cladding is the process of placing a fiber into a capillary tube and collapsing the capillary tube until it fuses with the fiber.
AFL has the capability to provide custom engineering services for specialty splicing or fiber preparation applications.