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NYFORS Recoater 1™


  • High Recoating Quality
  • Handles Most Diameters
  • Easy Mould Replacement
  • Manual Tensile Strength Tester Up to 50N

Product Description

The Recoater 1 restores the primary coating on spliced optical fibers with acrylate coatings. Fiber is automatically centered when it is inserted into the mold. Due to the mold design, the restored part of the coating retains almost the same diameter as the original coating.

The mold can be exchanged in seconds with no alignment required after exchange. Molds for various sizes of coating diameters are available and can also be customized. The mold can typically be used for more than 30 to 80 recoatings depending on the type of acrylate and handling.

The mold holder keeps the mold in line with primary capstans, or if mounted, the linear clamps to the left and right of the mold. To facilitate the insertion of the fiber and resin, the mold can be opened with the aid of a lever. The resin is cured through the walls of the transparent mold with a typical curing time of 15 to 60 seconds depending on the type of resin and the length of the recoated part.

The automatic tensile strength tester can be used for forces up to 50N. The level of strength, pulling rate and time at the maximum force can be preset. If only short fibers are available, the linear clamps are used. Tensile strength tests up to 10N can be made with the clamps.


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