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Specialty Applications

Specialty optical fibers are the fundamental enablers to the devices that make optical communications networks operable by coupling, amplifying, filtering, splitting and combining light signals.

AFL designs and manufactures innovative specialty Verrillon® optical fibers used in optical components and modules, as well as passive components such as couplers, fiber Bragg gratings and optical amplifiers. We collaborate closely with our customers to develop fibers and components that improve system performance, lower manufacturing and material costs, reduce component footprint, expand network functionality and enhance manufacturing process automation.

In addition to custom products, AFL’s Communications Specialty Optical Fibers include coupler fibers, erbium-doped, photosensitive, select cutoff and polarization-maintaining fibers. These products are available in various diameter sizes including 80 µm and 125 µm, as well as a wide range of numerical apertures and refractive index profiles.

Verrillon® VMM1000 Series of Multimode Fibers from AFL are available in a variety of coatings and coating combinations, including Polyimide, Silicone-PFA and Carbon.
Verrillon® VSS200 Series Single-mode Coupler Fibers from AFL are available in coatings and coating combinations, including Acrylate, Mid-Temp Acrylate, Polyimide, Silicone-PFA and Carbon.
Verrillon® VSS200 High-Performance Erbium Doped Fibers from AFL are suited for EDFA applications in telecommunnications.
Verrillon® VSS200 Series Photosensitive Fiber from AFL exhibits exceptional performance in fiber bragg grating (FBG) writing with extremely short exposure time and cladding mode loss. These fibers are available with Acrylate and Polyimide coatings.
Reduced-Diameter Bend-Insensitive Single-Mode 80 M Cladding Diameter.