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FTTx PON Demo Kit
Demo_Illustration FTTx PON Demo Kit OLT_ONT_Eval_illustration

FTTx PON Simulator


  • FTTx “PON-in-a-box” simulator
  • Configurable to various single and distributed splitter architectures
  • Supports split ratios up to 1x128
  • Includes 4 km fiber with connector, splice, and macro-bend events


  • Train new FTTx PON installation and maintenance crews
  • Demonstrate out-of-service PON tests including insertion loss and OTDR testing
  • Demonstrate in-service PON tests including live fiber detection and non-disruptive OTDR testing on live PON
  • Test OLT/ONT performance through various split ratios and network configurations

Product Description

The FTTx PON Simulator from AFL is designed to simulate a wide variety of FTTx PON architectures. It is field-configurable to implement both single splitter and distributed splitter PONs, including:

  • Single splitter PON: 1x16, 1x32, 1x64, 1x128
  • Distributed splitter PON: 1x4 + 1x8, 1x4 + 1x16, 2 x 1x8.

The field-portable FTTx PON Demo Kit may be used for lab or table-top FTTx PON demonstration, evaluation, and testing applications.  The demo kit includes:

  • Multiple splitters with split ratios of 1x2, 1x4, and 1x8;
  • 4 km fiber network with connector, splice and macro-bend events;
  • Fiber rings in various lengths up to 1 km to simulate distribution and drop fibers;
  • Jumper cables and bulkhead adapters to configure various PON architectures;
  • Splitters, fiber rings, and fiber network are terminated with SC/APC connectors;
  • Rolling, hard-shell carry case.

The FTTx PON Demo Kit is designed for a variety of users and applications, including:

  • Network designers: Configure and test various PON architectures in a lab environment
  • Fiber Optic installation teams and trainers: Develop, verify and practice PON test methods
  • Equipment manufacturers: Test and verify FTTx PON equipment designs on various PON configurations
  • Sales engineers: Enable field-portable demonstrations of FTTx PON network and test equipment.

Ordering Information:

Model Description
PONS-00-0901PZ FTTx PON Simulator kit includes:
(1) FTTx PON splitter box, (4) fiber rings, (3) SC/APC jumpers, (2) hybrid jumpers, (1) PON demo procedure, (1) carry case.  

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