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Port-Saver 2900-50-0003MR (OTDR Port: SC) 2900-50-0004MR (OTDR Port: SC) 2900-50-0006MR (OTDR Port: LC) 2900-52-0001MR (OPM Port: FC) 2900-52-0002MR (OPM Port: SC) 2900-52-0003MR (OPM Port: ST) 2900-52-0004MR (OPM Port: LC) 2900-52-0005MR (OPM Port: 2.5 mm Universal) 2900-52-0006MR (OPM Port: 1.25 mm Universal) 2900-53-0001MR (VFI Port: 2.5 mm Universal) 2900-53-0002MR (VFI Port: 1.25 mm Universal) 8500-10-0007 (Bare Fiber Adapter) OFL280-Adapters

FlexScan Test Port Adapters


  • Tool-free, switchable connector adapters
  • Available for most fiber connector types


  • FlexScan OTDR/OLS port adapters
  • FlexScan OPM port adapters
  • FlexScan VFL port adapters
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Product Description

FlexScan® Test Port Adapters

Test ports on FlexScan handheld OTDRs and Troubleshooters are equipped with tool-free switchable adapters, which can be changed in seconds.  The fast change switchable adapters allow OTDR, Optical Light Source (OLS), Optical Power Meter (OPM) and Visual Fault Locator (VFL) ports to connect to launch cables and jumpers having a variety of connector styles.

AFL’s new Port Saver is a Field-Replaceable Connector that protects FlexScan-series OTDR's ferrule from damage due to repeated mating.

Protect your OTDR ports from damage due to mating with dirty or damaged launch cables or patch cords or normal wear-and-tear. Equip your FlexScan FS200 or FS300 OTDR or TS100 Troubleshooter with a field-replaceable connector which installs in seconds and accepts AFL’s tool-free interchangeable SC, LC, FC and ST connector adapters

Select from the following adapters for the OTDR/OLS, OPM, and VFL ports on the FlexScan: 

Optical Port Ferrule Saver

 Part Number  Type
 2900-58-0001MR  Field-replaceable connector; APC-to-APC
 2900-58-0002MR  Field-replaceable connector; APC-to-UPC
 2900-58-0003MR  Field-replaceable connector, UPC-to-APC
 2900-58-0004MR  Field-replaceable connector; UPC-to-UPC


OTDR Port Adapters

 Part Number  Type
 2900-50-0002MR  FC
 2900-50-0003MR  SC
 2900-50-0004MR  ST
 2900-50-0006MR  LC

OPM Port Adapters

 Part Number  Type
 2900-52-0001MR  FC
 2900-52-0002MR  SC
 2900-52-0003MR  ST
 2900-52-0004MR  LC
 2900-52-0005MR  2.5 mm Universal
 2900-52-0006MR  1.25 mm Universal

VFL Test Port Connector Adapters

 Part Number  Type
 2900-53-0001MR  2.5 mm Universal
 2900-53-0002MR  1.25 mm Universal

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