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MPO_MPO-16 One-Click-MPO

One-Click® Cleaner MPO / MPO-16


  • Ergonomic, comfortable design with single One-Click action cleaning
  • Automatically advance ensures each clean is performed with fresh cleaning tape
  • 500 cleans per unit


  • Ideal for Data Centers and other high density optical networks
  • Designed to work on MPO/MTP multi-fiber connectors including 4, 8, 12, 16, 24, 32, 48, and 60 fiber
  • Cleans connectors on jumpers and in adapters (plugs and ports)

Product Description

One-Click® Cleaner MPO / One-Click® Cleaner MPO-16

The One-Click Cleaner is designed to clean MPO and MTP® multi-fiber connectors used in data centers and other high density optical networks.  The One-Click Cleaner MPO / One-Click Cleaner MPO-16 are revolutionary push-type cleaners which simplify cleaning of the ferrule end-face of both exposed MPO/MTP® connectors and MPO/MTP® connectors in adapters, both 12 fiber and 16 fiber (including multi-row variants).  As with all One-Click Cleaners. the One-Click Cleaner MPO / MPO-16 use the innovative push-to-clean design.   The mechanical push action advances the optical grade cleaning tape while effectively and gently cleaning the end-face of the connector.

One-Click® MPO-16

The One-click MPO-16 is intended for the cleaning of 16-fiber MPO/MTP connectors, both pinned (male) and socketed (female). MPO-16 is used with IEEE 802.3bs 400G trunk cabling with each fiber carrying 25 Gbps data signals (400GBASE-SR16 for example), among other applications.

Ordering Information

One-Click MPO-16 One-Click Cleaner MPO-16 (500+ cleans) 8500-05-0013MZ
One-Click MPO One-Click Cleaner MPO (MPO/MTP®, 500 cleans) 8500-05-0030MZ

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