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FlexScan® FS200 Single-mode OTDR


  • Single, dual or triple wavelength single-mode OTDR
  • FleXpress® mode completes OTDR tests in <5 seconds
  • Easy to understand LinkMap® results with pass/fail indications
  • Integrated source, power meter, VFL (visual fault locator)
  • Accepts field-replaceable Port Saver connectors


  • PON or point-to-point network verification or troubleshooting
  • OTDR testing plus insertion loss and power measurements
  • Locate faults exceeding industry or user pass/fail thresholds
  • Visually pinpoint location of macro-bends or breaks
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Product Description

AFL’s FlexScan FS200 OTDR is an all-in-one solution for detecting, identifying, locating, and resolving single-mode optical network issues. It is designed for both novice and expert technicians working in a range of environments, from FTTH PON to point-to-point networks. It applies industry-standard or user-set pass/fail criteria and displays results using LinkMap color-coded icons that immediately show the health of the network. The FlexScan FS200 automates test setup, shortens test time, and simplifies results interpretation improving efficiency and
reducing costs.
All-in-one test capability: The FlexScan FS200 includes an integrated VFL, power meter, and light source. It can be easily paired to AFL’s
award-winning FOCIS family of inspection scopes, ensuring technicians have everything they need to locate and quickly resolve optical
network issues.
Performance-packed: With SmartAuto multi-pulse acquisition, up to 37 dB dynamic range, and best-in-class 25 m PON dead zone, FlexScan FS200 PON OTDRs test FTTH PONs up to 1:64 while still detecting and measuring events only meters apart.
Fast! FleXpress mode completes dual-wavelength tests in <5 seconds – 10 x faster than conventional OTDRs! For multi-fiber testing, FS200s automatically control AFL’s MFS Multi-Fiber Switch (12-fiber MPO switch) to further reduce multi-fiber test time.
Pocket-sized: At 3.5 x 6 x 1.75 in. (86 x 160 x 43 mm) and less than one pound (0.4 kg), FlexScan FS200 OTDRs truly fit in your pocket, yet still provide a large, bright indoor/outdoor touchscreen display, and all-day operation.
Multiple sharing and reporting options: Results can be stored internally, saved to a USB, or wirelessly uploaded via the free FlexScan App for real-time reporting using the included TRM® 3.0 Test Results Manager software.
Convenient cost-saving kits: Bundle the FlexScan FS200 with your choice of launch cable, FOCIS Flex connector inspection probe and tips, and/or AFL’s universal optical fiber identifier (OFI-BIPMe) for significant cost-savings!

FlexScan Models and Kit Configurations

FlexScan is currently available in six models:
  • FS200-50B:  1550 nm OTDR for cost-effective point-to-point network troubleshooting, including detection of high-loss macro-bends.
  • FS200-60:  1650 nm  filtered version for cost-effective live PON troubleshooting. Use the optional integrated Power Meter to verify downstream power levels.
  • FS200-100:  1310/1550 version for more complete point-to-point network installation verification, as well as troubleshooting.  By testing at both wavelengths, FlexScan can differentiate poor splices from macro-bends, as well as qualify the network for operation in both 1310 and 1550 nm windows.
  • FS200-300:  1310/1550 PON OTDR version for installation verification and troubleshooting of out-of-service PON or point-to-point networks.  Offers higher dynamic range to test through splitters, as well as longer point-to-point networks.
  • FS200-303:  1310/1550/1625 PON OTDR for both in-service PON troubleshooting and out-of-service PON or point-to-point network installation verification or troubleshooting. 
  • FS200-304:  1310/1550/1650 PON OTDR version for in-service PON troubleshooting, as well as out-of-service PON or point-to-point network installation verification or troubleshooting.
All models include an integrated VFL and are available with optional integrated source, power meter and Bluetooth/Wi-Fi wireless communications.

FlexScan test sets are available in five standard kit configurations:
For details and ordering information on model options and kit configurations, see the FlexScan FS200 Specification Sheet.

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