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Visual Fault Identifiers

A visual fault identifier or visual fault locator (VFI / VFL) is a visible red laser designed to inject visible light energy into a fiber. Sharp bends, breaks, faulty connectors and other faults will “leak” red light allowing technicians to visually spot the defects.

The VFI is an ideal tool for locating a large number of defects that occur at connection points in and around fiber cabinets which are hidden in an OTDRs “blind-spot” or dead-zone. AFL offers VFI units for both single-ferrule and multi-ferrule connector styles.


VFI are sources of visible red laser light that helps installers and fiber technicians quickly locate defects in single-mode or multimode fiber optic cable. HiLite includes universal connectors that offer quick connection to single ferrule connectors such as FC, SC, ST, LC, MU, and more.
Essential tool for Data Center Maintenance - Quickly verify MPO / MTP® fiber cable type (A, B, C), continuity and end-to-end polarity.
MFIS (Multi-Fiber Identification System) is a simple user-friendly way to assure multi-fiber network continuity quickly, correctly, and efficiently.