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Discontinued Products

To download any file listed below, right click on the appropriate File Download Link and select "Save Target As..." from the pop-up menu. Select a destination on your computer to download, then select "Save". If you have questions about any of these products, please complete our Technical Support Form. For more current software updates on active products, please visit our Software Downloads page.

Fusion Splicing System Discontinued Products

File Description



Fujikura 11R Fusion Splicer FSM - 11R  Specification Sheet
Fujikura 11S Fusion Splicer FSM - 11S Specification Sheet
Fujikura 18R Fusion Splicer FSM - 18R Specification Sheet
Fujikura 18S Fusion Splicer FSM - 18S Specification Sheet
Fujikura 60R Fusion Splicer FSM - 60R Specification Sheet
Fujikura 60S Fusion Splicer FSM - 60S Specification Sheet
Fujikura 22S Fusion Splicer FSM - 22S Specification Sheet

Test and Inspection Division Discontinued Products

File Description



OPM5 and OPM4 Optical Power Meters   Specification Sheet
MLP1 Basic Mulitmode Loss Test Kit   Specification Sheet
CS260-10 CS260-10 Updater - v1.2.04b1009L Includes installation instructions
CS260-20 CS260-20 Updater - v1.2.04b1009L Includes installation instructions
M100 Handheld OTDR Download Here User Guide
Software Loading Instructions
Hard Reset & Firmware Installation Procedure
M600 Mini-OTDR Download Here User Guide
Software Loading Instructions
M650 Updater v1.4.63.0 Call Tech. Support
User Guide
Release Notes
OFL 200 Handheld Single-mode OTDR   User Guide
Quick Reference Guide
OLTS5 Fiber Optic Loss Test Sets   User Guide
Specification Sheet
PCPlot3 Software for OFL 100 OTDR Download Here
(Contains Disk 1 & 2)
User Guide
ORL 3B Optical Return Loss Test Set   User Guide
Trace600 Software Download Here User Guide
Turbotest 400 Certification Test Sets See TRM PC Software User Guide
TurboTest 500B Broadband Loss / Return Loss Test Set See TRM PC Software User Guide

Trace.Net PC Software v1.0.7* for OTDRs:
M100, M200, M600, OFL 200, OFL 250, OFL 280

Download Here User Guide
Trace.Net PC Software v1.1.26 for OTDRs:
OFL 250, OFL 280
Download Here User Guide
TRM Test Results Manager PC Software v1.6.5 for OTDRs and Certification products:
C-Series, M-Series, T400, T50B, OLTS5, OPM5
Download Here User Guide
Release Notes
Installation Instructions
* v1.0.7 Notes: v1.0.7 supports Batch Edit. v1.0.7 is only available in English. v1.0.7 does not automatically support NOYES (1km) or NOYES (500m) fiber rings and may result in inaccurate Auto-event analysis. Users can enter fiber ring lengths values to these lengths and re-calculate Auto-events.
VOA5-MM Variable Fiber Optic Attenuator   User Guide
Specification Sheet
M200 v1.0.15 English /Euro Version
v0.0.66 or later;  English/Euro*, Japanese, Chinese
For v0.0.56 call Customer Service at 800-321-5298
Loading Instructions [PDF] (English)
Chinese Version
Japanese Version
Installation Instructions
For Windows XP Operating System
Installation Instructions
For Windows Vista Operating System
Vista ActiveSync [PDF]
M200 v2.1.18 M200-2x English/Euro [EXE]
English Euro language pack*
For v2.0.x or later:  English/Euro, Japanese, Chinese
For v1.0.x:  Call Customer Service at 800-321-5298
Release Notes
M210 v2.2.62
English/Euro version
Chinese version
Release Notes for M210
Release Notes for M210 (Chinese)
C850 v2.0.13 C850 English/Euro version
Release Notes for C series

v2.1.2 Software [EXE]
Trace.Net is AFL’s 1st generation of free reporting software. For more information please see this page
Release Notes
User Guide
Support M200, OFL200, OFL250, OFL280, and OFL280 FlexTester.
TRM® v1.6.5 Software [EXE]
Support only C-Series, M-Series, T400, T50B, OLTS5, OPM5.
Release Notes
Installation Instructions
User Guide


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