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Engineering Services

All aspects of the design of your communications network infrastructure.

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AFL’s Engineering capabilities include all aspects of the design of your communications network infrastructure. Starting with consultation on a concept, our engineering teams can collaborate with you to present an architecture design to ensure optimization of your network. Our vast experience in pre-design planning, feasibility studies, regulatory reporting, fiber engineering and data management will enable AFL to deliver a quality network plan to meet your needs.

AFL provides either aerial or buried Outside Plant (OSP) or ISP network planning and design using all methods of fiber installation (fiber or HFC design). Whether your service is GPON, OPON, Linear PON or Node+0, AFL engineering capabilities support a variety of network types.

Our team of experts can assist with full end-to-end permit management and work hand-in-hand with railways, pipelines, highways, municipal, civil or environmental groups in order to get the necessary design permits in place to move your projects forward.

Having placed thousands of miles of fiber, AFL has the ability to design long-haul projects to ensure a best-in-class network to meet distance, bit-rate and capacity requirements.

Using and analyzing geospatial data we are able to help plan out the most optical network design for your application.