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FRE-Internal-Patch-Sliding-Enclosure-1RU FRE-Internal-Patch-Sliding-Enclosure-1RU-Open FRE-Internal-Patch-Sliding-Enclosure-1RU-Rear

FRE® Internal Patch Sliding Enclosure—1RU


  • Internal patching reduces the distance required between the front door and the enclosure making it ideal for shallow racks
  • Unique patchcord and cable management system prevents potential squashing and jamming of fibres and patchcords
  • Innovative rear cable mounting bracket allows multiple cable entry and additional cable retrofitting
  • Interface kit for safe mounting of loose tube cables included


  • Ideal where patchcord security and tampering prevention is required
  • Especially suited for confined spaces or where rack space is at a premium
  • Suitable for fusion splicing and direct termination
  • Suitable for 19”, 21” and 23” racks

Product Description

AFL's FRE Internal Patch Sliding Enclosure is specifically designed to allow for internal patching and management of patchcords therefore preventing accidental damage or deliberate tampering. It is ideal for fusion splicing and direct termination in environments that require a high level of patching security or where rack depth is limited.

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