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Cleaning Kits

AFL offers a complete selection of compact fibre optic cleaning kits for field cleaning of connector end-faces and splicer v-grooves.  We offer pre-stocked kits with a variety of cleaning tools and can also build you custom kits to meet your specific application needs.  AFL has all the individual cleaning tools to keep your cleaning kits stocked and ready for use.  Kits are also available with inspection scopes and loss testing options.


FCP Cleaning Kits from AFL offer a complete selection of fibre optic cleaning products for field cleaning of connector endfaces in a convenient duffle bag style carry case. The Basic FCP2 Cleaning Kit includes FCC2 cleaning fluid, FCC3 Debris Destroyer, One-Clicks for SC, ST, FC, LC and MU connectors, FiberWipes, and a Cletop SB. Options available to include inspection, MPO/MTP cleaning, and loss testing capabilities.
Environmental contamination, such as dust, dirt, and fibre coating debris, as well as, the silica deposits generated during the fusion process eventually find their way to the surface of the v-groove. This contamination will offset the fibres and degrade performance. To solve cleaning needs, AFL offers the Splicer V-Groove Cleaning Kit. This product integrates eight components into an affordable and effective inspection and cleaning solution for any fusion splicer.
The FCP1 Connector Cleaning Kits from AFL give you the tools you need to quickly and easily clean various types of fibre optic connectors in the field. Kits include various configurations of FCC2 Connector Cleaning Fluid, CCT Connector Cleaning Tips, FiberWipes, Cletop Cartridge Cleaner, Cletop (ACT) Cleaning Sticks, and a VS 300 Inspection Scope.