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Push Type Cleaners


The One-Click® Cleaner is designed to clean MPO and MTP® multi-fibre connectors used in Data Centres and other high density optical networks. The One-Click Cleaner MPO / One Click Cleaner MPO-16 are revolutionary push-type cleaners which simplify cleaning of the ferrule end-face of both exposed MPO/MTP® connectors and MPO/MTP® connectors in adapters, both 12 fibre and 16 fibre (including multi-row variants). The One-Click Cleaner MPO / MPO-16 use the innovative push-to-clean design.
Reduce cleaning time with the new One-Click® Cleaner D-LC. Offering the same performance and easy-to-use one-click technology as the original, the One-Click Cleaner D-LC cuts cleaning time in half by effectively cleaning both LC connectors of a duplex LC at one time. 500+ duplex LC cleans per cleaner (1000+ LC connector cleans).
Offering the same technology and performance as the original, the One-Click® Cleaner is now available in a smaller, more compact size, which allows for cleaning of connectors in tighter places. Its smaller size also makes it a great addition to test kits and cleaning kits.
The One-Click® Ultra Cleaner 2.5 has an enlarged cleaning area to clean more of the connector end-face. The One-Click Ultra Cleaner 2.5 cleans up to a 2 mm diameter area of the connector end-face. The One-Click Ultra Cleaner is a superior cleaner for SC, ST, and FC connectors.