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Wipes and Cleaning Cards


Kimwipes are specially designed paper fibre optic cleaning wipes which can be used for cleaning laboratory equipment and instruments, camera lens, fibre optic connectors and other electronic items. These delicate task wipes have been specially designed for cleaning those surfaces where the presence of minimal lint or dust can interfere with the normal functioning of the equipment or electronic item.
The Sticklers™ brand CleanWipes™ are a convenient cleaning tool designed for high-speed cleaning of optical jumpers and patch cords. Its designs enables technicians to clean fibre optic end-faces at the lowest possible cost per clean.
Specifically designed to remove and trap common contaminants found in fibre optic installations, AFL FiberWipes provide superior cleaning results from material that is stronger and more absorbent, yet softer than traditional cellulose wipes. Packaged in a clean room, the fabric is fully optical quality grade. FiberWipes are available in rugged mini-tubs (90 wipes) or in hermetically sealed individual packages (FiberAide 1), and are the perfect size for tool kits and test kits.