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Industrial Plug and Play (IPP) Solutions

AFL's Industrial Plug and Play cabling system provides a market leading ruggedised, fast and efficient connection system particularly suited to industrial applications including mining, infrastructure, defence and process control.
 The modular product set comprises ruggedised cables and connectors, IP rated enclosures, and rapid deployment reels. The solution is ideal for extreme environments where physical and chemical protection are critical factors. The solution meets military specifications and MSHA standards.

We Partner with High Quality Global Manufacturers

To bring the highest quality to our IPP system we have partnered with international manufacturers who specialise in individual components and AFC have integrated these providing a leading edge engineered solution.

Benefits of Using an AFL IPP Cabling System

•Significant reduction in installation times resulting in
– less time exposed to dust or moisture
– less time personnel are exposed to hazardous areas and harsh environmental conditions

•Easy deployment and redeployment due to the modular style
•Faster restoration of service, reducing downtime
•Consistent long term optical performance due to IP68 environment rating
•Compliance to military cable specifications, providing crush resistance, flex resistance and repeated impacts
•Terminated cable assemblies are fully tested before delivery, ensuring maximum optical performance
•Manufacturered to TIA, ISO/IEC and AS/NZS standards


AFL’s Industrial Media Converters are compact and robust devices. They are designed to convert and transmit Ethernet, Serial or video signals over fibre optic networks by transparently converting digital electric Ethernet signals into optical signals.
AFL’s Industrial Switches are robust Ethernet devices designed to expand and enhance networks in harsh environments.