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Banking and Finance

With the emergence of high speed, high bandwidth switching technologies in the banking and finance sector, network performance and integrity is paramount to mission critical services. AFL offers a range of leading-edge fibre optic communication solutions to complement today’s fast-paced data centre and Storage Area Network (SAN) requirements. Two of Australia’s four leading banks rely on AFL infrastructure.

Particularly our MTP Low Loss Cabling System is well suited to the fast-paced and bandwidth-intensive banking data centre. This high density and plug-and-play solution significantly reduces required space and installation time frames and is available in both multimode and single-mode.


AFL’s range of solutions caters to the fibre optic communications needs of all education institutions, including primary, secondary and tertiary. With the progress of the information revolution and its integration into the classroom, a reliable and efficient physical layer is crucial for timely delivery of data.

Our expertise in education networks is proven. Some of the most prestigious institutions in Australia rely on AFL infrastructure to provide students and teachers with robust and efficient communications networks.


AFL is a defence recognised supplier of strategic capabilities. We deliver military-specific, approved fibre optic cable assemblies and interconnection products to meet the challenging requirements of Defence.

Over the past 18 years we have built relationships with the Australian Defence Force and associated prime contractors. We are also a member of the Australian Industry Defence Network (AIDN). More importantly, we have an in-house defence specialist who has more than 12 years of experience in Defence ICT. Our customers can be assured they are receiving the highest level of service, knowledge and expertise.

Military specific and approved products:

  • Ship to wharf communications
  • Defence network infrastructure
  • Secure fibre optic connectors
  • Harsh environment connectors
  • Harsh environment cable assemblies & reels
  • Field deployable solutions for the complex defence environment



As the leading fibre optic communication specialists, we provide solutions that are tailored to the unique needs of the health industry. The ever-increasing demands on our health system and the sharing of medical files across multiple locations means a reliable and secure communications network is critical.

The growing size of files to download, such as x-rays and sonograms, means your core network must be up to the task. AFL have nearly 20 years of experience in this field. We know how important it is for you to have a secure, fast and reliable network.


AFL has been supplying the mining industry with fibre optic applications for more than 15 years. During this time we have gained insights into the industry’s complex and demanding environments and have developed a mining-specific product range for:

  • Long wall installations
  • Office installations
  • Accommodation fit-outs
  • Coal loaders
  • Security installations
  • Remote office connections


The growth of high definition broadcasts has enabled AFL to build a strong presence in this sector. We offer a comprehensive range of expanded beam and Lemo harsh environment fibre optic assemblies as well as enhanced optical video solutions.

We operate our own purpose-built manufacturing facility and are able to provide you with in-house technical support and assembly facilities for a vast range of broadcast applications.


AFL has been working with utilities for decades. We provide fibre optic solutions for utility communication networks including enclosures, cable, cable assemblies and outside plant infrastructure. We also design and manufacture specialty products for use in:

  • Power stations
  • Wind farms
  • Substations
  • Communications rooms


AFL provides a range of physical layer and active network solutions to meet the demands on carriers for bandwidth, reduced real estate and improved performance and monitoring.

Our rack and wall mount enclosures combine high density with easy installation and simplified maintenance. We also offer a wide range of network monitoring products for service assurance as well as customised pre-terminated cable assemblies.


Our industrial solutions are designed to meet the demands of harsh environments and time-critical applications. We understand that you need to minimise costly downtime in industrial automation and controlled functions. That’s why AFL provides innovative, state-of-the-art and physically robust solutions to ensure your network runs at optimum performance.


AFL provides communication solutions for a broad range of security sectors. This not only includes innovative cabling infrastructure, both fibre and copper, but also active equipment like media converters, modems and switches, as well as UPS solutions.

The demand for security services has substantially grown over the last decade and so has the diversity of applications. Our comprehensive product portfolio is designed to ensure reliable and secure communication networks for a variety of applications including CCTV, perimeter security, IP data security, access control, wireless applications and more.

Oil and Gas

AFL provides fibre optic solutions that meet the complex technical and environmental challenges of the oil and gas industry. This includes industrial cabling infrastructure as well as specialised harsh environment products such as:

  • Military tactical cables
  • Harsh environment cable assemblies
  • Fibre enclosures to suit industrial control systems


AFL offers fast, reliable and easy-to-deploy fibre solutions to meet the retail industry’s rapidly evolving demand for high-speed communications infrastructure. This demand will continue to grow with the emergence of one-stop ‘download kiosks’ in major retailers.

Our MTP solution is well-suited for the fast-paced and bandwidth-hungry retail sector offering high density and plug-and-play convenience. It is ideal for data centres using 12 fibre high-density connectors with small cable diameter in both multimode and single-mode.

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